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About Mahtec

Principal: M.A. Hales B.Sc., M.Phil., A.T.S.C., A.T.P.
Hollycroft, Main Street
Little Ouseburn
York YO26 9TD Tel: (01423) 331118 Fax: (01423) 330949
Mobile : 07850 016094
e-mail: mel_hales@mahtec.co.uk

Quality Management

MAHTEC offers a multi-level service, tailored to meet your Company's needs for implementing a Quality System to comply with the requirements of BS EN ISO 9000. Working with your management team, MAHTEC can:
· undertake an initial survey;
· provide an implementation programme;
· offer guidance in the preparation of a Quality Manual, Quality Procedures and other quality-related documents;
· coordinate your project;
· supply a comprehensive, hands on service allowing your managers time to manage;
· undertake independent audits of your system and assess your progress;
· offer on-site quality training at all levels. Packages include Quality Awareness, Problem Solving, Teamworking and System Auditing;
· for those companies wishing to progress further along the quality route, assistance with the development of a Total Quality package can be offered.
MAHTEC offers the latest approach to the Management of Health and Safety, using elements of Quality Management to plan and organise the approach to safe working practices in your Company and to implement, audit and review their suitability. MAHTEC can:· provide guidance on the preparation of your Company Health and Safety Policy and supportive Manual;
· undertake walk-through or in-depth safety surveys;
· identify hazards and assess the risk to the health and safety of your workforce;
· produce safe working procedures;
· give guidance and coordinate your approach to the EEC 6 Pack
· answer "What if...·" questions;
· revisit COSHH - Is it suitable and sufficient ·;
· provide on-site, the safety training required by Health and Safety Regulations;
· maintain your Company's health and safety awareness.

MAHTEC can provide guidance and assistance to your Company in identifying whether your processes need to be registered under the Environmental Protection Act. A comprehensive package offers:· identification of prescribed processes;
· determination of whether Part A or Part B registration applies;
· discussions with your local Inspector of Pollution or Environmental Health Officer;
· identification of potential emission sources;
· discussions with your suppliers to identify hazardous materials;
· planning and programming of system improvements to meet the requirements of the Act;
· identification of alternative products and techniques to reduce VOC emissions;
· the completion of Registration documents;
· the handling of waste and the Duty of Care.

With 30 years in the paint industry, the principal can offer his services to troubleshoot all paint and application problems including:· production line problem solving;
· analysis of coating failures;
· on-site inspection;
· definition and compilation of specifications.
· Packaging and labelling advice;
· Safety information sheet design and preparation;
· Product data sheet design and preparation;
· Transport Regulations guidance;
· Computer awareness and information technology;
· Off-site secretarial services.Through a network of highly motivated and industry- orientated associates, MAHTEC can additionally offer support in the following disciplines:· Sales and marketing advice;
· Timber technology;
· Colour technology and dyeing.
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